Past Pupils

Past Pupils

Submissions from Past Pupils
If you are a past pupil of Saint Brogan’s College, and would like to be listed as a past pupil on this page, then please click here to submit your details to us and we will add you to the list of past pupils as soon as we can.

Received: Mon 24th Sep 2007 @ 12:02:29 PM
Name: Graham Scobie
Graduation: 2000
Occupation: Secondary School Teacher
Jobdescription: Teaching Geography and Sociology in The Holy Family College in London
Summary: I went to Maynooth and did a degree in History and Geography and then to UCC to complete a masters. I have done a PGCE in England. Travelled around Europe and India. Next the USA.
Highlights: Spanish Student Exchange
Classmate: Micheal Paine – he was a real pain!!!
Greetings: Hello to Mr Gilbert, Mrs O’Mahoney, Mrs Chambers, Mr Mawe, Mr Tobin, Miss ODonavan Miss Corkery
Comment: All the best!!


Received: Wed 12th Sep 2007 @ 11:49:00 AM
Name: Sean Casey
Graduation: 2005
Occupation: Youth Information Officer
Jobdescription: Informing anybody about basicaly anything
Summary: I Attended a media production course i Colaiste Stiofain Naofa 2005/2006 And i was also the Bandon Tourist Information Manager
Highlights: Had A Child Korey
Classmate: PJ Curran was always a great laugh and even more memerable his junior cert haircut
Greetings: How’s it Going
Comment: Nope


Received: Sun 2nd Sep 2007 @ 06:23:41 AM
Name: Terry Kerschbaum
Graduation: 1987
Occupation: Para-Medic Instructor
Jobdescription: Teaching Emergency Medical Skills to Para-Medic trainees in Bangalore City, India. Project management within the Ambulance school and alot of fundraising from Ireland.
Summary: Went to college in Dublin. Studied Photography and design. Worked in the Photographic Industry for alot of years, still work on projects now and then. Always believed in further education and I went back part-time to D.I.T and studied Management. Worked in the Hospitality industry. Early 2001 volunteered and became a Aux. Firefighter and trained by Dublin Fire brigade as a Emergency Medical First Responder. joined Order of Malta and became a Ambulance officer. Did alot of emergency courses,including Instructor. My wife is managing a Irish I.T. company in India so I gave up my job and Left Ireland last Christmas to help people here who need it.–
India HomeMr. Terry Kerschbaum
Villamont 3L
Orchard Green
Domlur Layout
Off Intermediate Ring Road
Bangalore 560071

Mobile +919901510435begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +919901510435      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Home +918041483010begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +918041483010      end_of_the_skype_highlighting



Highlights: The smell in the changing room after P.E. still haunts me to this day. Ms. Russel, who has inspired me to this very day.
Classmate: I had alot of friends from hammy’s, Convent, Grammer and we are still friends.
Greetings: Hope all are very well and happy.
Comment: If you would like to do any fund-raising for charity, I would love that. Please click on the link. we need alot of training equipment, CPR Dummies.



Received: Fri 29th Aug 2008 @ 11:15:22 AM
Name: Sean Truscott
Graduation: 2007
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Job description: Going around to different events taking photographs and then sending them into the local newspapers.
Summary: I’ve done a course in photography iv worked in a couple of the local supermarkets iv joined the RDF (reserve defence force).
Highlights: Playing soccer in the court every morning and at lunch. Mrs O Mahony calling out all the names she had for detention ..
Classmate: Remember all the legends u know who u are Ray the 2 deasys pa hartnett(President)etc.
Greetings: How’s the form hope you are all getting on ok in your courses or whatever you’re doing.
Comment: no other comment


Received: Wed 18th Jun 2008 @ 10:41:17 AM
Name: Stephen Blackwell
Graduation: 1987
Occupation: Engineer
Job description: I’m the machine shop charge hand for Redbull racing F1 Team and responsible for getting the race cars made in time for each race and test.
Summary: Moved to England in 1987 got an apprenticeship in engineering (i seemed to be quiet good at it). Worked in America for year or so in the mid-90s, even returned to Ireland to live in Galway for a year. After i returned to England and carried on with Engineering.
Highlights: When i returned to England in 98, i got offered a job on Cosworth racing making Formula 1 engines. I also met for the first time Julie who is now my wife and we live very happily with our three dogs. Then in 2005 i was offered a job with Redbull racing F1 team who i’ve been with ever since.
Classmate: Noel Fehin, Greg Desmond, Peter Kearney the list can go on but i ‘ve got faces with no names. Although the teacher i remembered the most was my old metalwork teacher a guy called “Mr Reagan”. He hated my guts until one day i got 98% in my pre/mock intercert exam and then he couldn’t’t do enough to help me. So i have to Cheers to Ted where ever he is.
Greetings: Hello
Comment: No
Received: Mon 3rd Nov 2008 @ 12:52:38 PM
Name: Stephen Ring
Graduation: 2000
Occupation: Store Manager
Job description: Sale of telecommunication products to new and existing customers. Also to offer a high level of customer care.
Summary: Completed a long distance learning course for PC repair. And started working for Vodafone 5yrs ago.
Highlights: Nothing really to report, if there is a highlight I just can’t remember it…
Classmate: Louise Connolly – sitting every lunch time in canteen doing homework so I could go out at night. Simon McCarthy – he used to call me ringee, he was a gas character. Padraig Duggan – a sound fella. I remember pretty much everyone that was in my class from my time in Brogans 1 up to 6th year.
Greetings: Hi to anyone who reads this and knows me. And hi to Mairead Sheehan (Gilbert) and a belated congrats on the Wedding and the baby.
Comment: Work sucks!!!! It’s true what they say school days are the best days of your life…


Received: Mon 3rd Nov 2008 @ 03:16:08 AM
Name: seamus fehin
Graduation: 1982
Occupation: engineer
Job description: maintaining and upgrading London underground trains
Summary: I completed a 4 year apprentiship with bord na mona, before moving to England where i have worked in a number of engineering fields.
Highlights: getting married in sri lanka in 2000 and the birth of my beautiful daughters.
Classmate: joe mc carthy
joe lawler
Greetings: Just like to say hi can’t believe it’s been 26 years since we left school, it seems like only yesterday.
Comment: I would like to hear what people are up to.
Received: Wed 26th Nov 2008 @ 10:30:02 AM
Name: Kevin Twomey
Graduation: 2000
Occupation: IT & Networking Engineer
Job description: Network Management, Servers, Routers, Switches, Operating Systems, MS, Linux, Cisco, Antivirus, Backup Solutions
Summary: Spent 4 Years in CIT, Software Dev. & Networking.
Have Degree from CIT, also Cisco Certified Engineer CCNA
Highlights: Spent 4 Years in CIT, 4 Years with Sage Accounting Firm, Programming, Dev., IT, Project Mgt, Now back into Networking Role solely.Travelled All Over Europe numerous Times, Been to 20-30 Countries now. Highlight was Monaco a few times. Also back to Tudela (Spain Exchange with Brogans)

Bought a house across the road from St Brogans 🙂

Spent few weeks working with Current Firm Solarwinds in Texas lately.

Classmate: Padraig Duggan, Steven Moloney, Simon McCarthy, Michael Manning and Ian Dineen, Coz we are all still best Friends, Also Sean Nyhan as we spent 4-5 years in College together. Same Class in Brogans all 6 years too!!!!
Greetings: Best of Luck to ye all in GAA
Comment: Loved me time in the Tech, and Hello the Best Teacher Ever, Brid Murphy…
Received: Tue 24th Feb 2009 @ 11:27:21 AM
Name: John Horgan
Graduation: 1984
Occupation: Area Manager
Job description: Managing two limestone extraction facilities
Summary: Got Married, had two kids, got divorced and went back to college
Highlights: All of the above had their own special moments
Classmate: memories of a few of them Donal O Donavan and Alexis Bolster being the two who stand out most
Greetings: When are we having a reunion?????????????????????
Comment: Do a spell check on above 🙂


Received: Fri 13th Feb 2009 @ 10:19:33 AM
Name: Denis Hallissey
Graduation: 1979
Occupation: Engineer
Job description: Management of a team of Control System Design Engineers in the Petrochem industry.
Summary: Studied Instrumentation and Control in CIT with Post Graduate studies in RMIT in Melbourne.
Highlights: Survived marriage, children and bush fires.
The rest was uneventful..
Classmate: Peter Jordan
Greetings: Wonder how many from 1979 are left.
Comment: I was lucky to have gone to such a school.
Received: Wed 21st Apr 2010 @ 11:44:42 AM
Name: Kevin Jackson
Graduation: 1981
Occupation: European Commission Official
Job description: I work in the Radiation Protection unit of DG ENERGY looking after systems for early notification in case of nuclear emergency.
Summary: Mechanical Engineering in CIT, later Electrician and Electrical Engineering with ESB & CIT.
Worked in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK and Luxembourg in petro-chemical industry, research and finally E.C.
Highlights: Being able to visit many interesting places due to my work. Having kids etc.
Classmate: Sarah Jackson (sister)
Tomás Walsh
Adrian Bolster
Pauline Mc Carthy
Colette Crowley
Sinéad O Donnovan
Neilus Cremin
Fachtna Crowley
Bernard Hunt
Pat O Brien
Michael Cronin
Michael O Mahoney
John O Sullivan
Greetings: Just to wish them well and say that it’d be great to hear from them or to see them in here.
Comment: Teachers I remember:
Ms. Ahern
Keiran O Driscoll
Paddy Mawe
Ms. Corkery
Paddy Duggan
Received: Wed 19th May 2010 @ 12:57:04 AM
Name: Ger Smith
Graduation: 1987
Occupation: Bank official
Job description: Relationship Manager to portfolio of clients
Summary: Went to College briefly before joining the Bank!!
Highlights: Getting married, Meeting my wife, having 3 great kids, going to Australia, flying first class to New York, winning County championships in 2 counties!
Classmate: Padraig Hallahan, good for a laugh, JohnSheils, great hurler, Jim O’Mahony, Liam Callanan Jimmy Coughlan, great friends to have with you in a fight!
Greetings: Hope all of my former classmates are doing well and healthy
Comment: Hope to hear from a few former classmates…


Received: Wed 28th Apr 2010 @ 10:46:11 PM
Name: Adrian Bolster
Graduation: 1981
Occupation: Health Service Manager
Job description: I am the Head of Facilities responsible for non-clinical support services in a large Mental Health Trust.
Summary: 2 years at RTC Cork.
Moved to London in July 1984 to work as a nursing assistant in a psychiatric hospital. A year later started training to be a Registered Mental Nurse qualifying in 1988.Diploma in Management Studies, MSc in Operations Management. Worked at St. Bernards in Ealing for 17 years leaving to take up a position in Bath.
Highlights: Introduced to Princess Diana. Married in 2000, Finley born in February 2001.I’ve seen Page and Plant together and separately, Deep Purple at Knebworth in 1985, and lots more including Reading Festival every year since 2002.
Classmate: There were a number of people who were very close; Kevin Jackson, Bernard Hunt, Tom Walsh, Michael Mahoney (Manix), Sarah Jackson and Sinead O Donovan.
Greetings: Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!
Comment: no




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