Parents Association Mission Statement


Membership of the Association shall be open to all parents of students who are currently enrolled in St. Brogan’s College.  Membership shall cease when a parent ceases to have a child enrolled in the school. For the purpose of this document the word ‘parent’ includes any person acting in loco parentis who has a child in his or her care subject to any statutory power or order of a court.



  1. To promote and foster good relations and co-operation between home and school.
  2. To develop an active partnership with the school authorities and the Board of Management, thereby assuring that parents participate in the decision making process relating to the school and the children
  3. To promote the educational welfare and physical interests of the pupils
  4. To help financially with the provision of extra equipment and teaching aids for the school


The Structure

Any meeting of the Parents’ Association must have a quorum of 6 members.

The members of the Parents’ Association shall elect a number of parents at each Annual General Meeting (hereinafter called the AGM) who shall serve as the Committee of St. Brogan’s College Parents’ Association.

The AGM shall be held annually and all eligible parents will be invited.

All eligible parents attending the meeting shall have one vote.

Candidates for the Committee must be nominated and seconded at the AGM before they are voted into office.

If more than the required number of candidates are nominated, a secret ballot shall take place at the AGM.

The parents shall elect parents as follows:

(1)      Chairperson

(2)      Secretary

(3)      Treasurer


(4-7) if sufficient candidates allow, PRO, Vice Chairperson, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer

(8)     any other position they deem necessary to effectively carry out the functions of the Parents’ Association.

Each committee member shall be elected for a period of one year. Retiring  Committee members are eligible for re-election. However, a committee member may not serve more than 3 consecutive years in any one position.  They may, however, hold a further office if elected.


The Committee

The elected Committee shall have the following functions:

The Committee shall hold a minimum of five meetings throughout the school year which shall include at least one per term.

The Committee shall arrange an election of Parents’ Representatives to the Board of Management and delegates to attend meetings of the National Parents’ Association for Vocational Schools and Community Colleges, as necessary.

The Committee shall have the authority to request persons other than those elected to participate and assist in their work if this is thought to be necessary. However, such persons may not hold office or be entitled to vote on Committee issues.

The Committee shall manage activities on behalf of the parents, offering programmes, information, talks etc. to help fulfil their role as the primary educators of their children.

The Committee shall make representations to the principal on behalf of the general body of parents regarding issues affecting the education of their children.  However, the Association is not a forum for individual complaints against teachers or parents. These issues shall be dealt with by private discussions between the parents and teachers concerned.  Neither will the Association interfere in the internal operation and administration of the school or encroach upon the rights and responsibilities of the administrators.



The Committee, under the guidance of the elected Treasurer, will manage and account for any funds collected by the Association.

All funds will be held in the Cork ETB account.

Funds shall only be used with the prior approval of the Committee.

A detailed written Statement of Income will be available for inspection at the AGM.


This Mission Statement shall not be altered, added to, or rescinded, in whole or in part, except by a resolution adopted by two-thirds of those present and voting at a  meeting of the Parents Association.


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