Equipment List First Years

Equipment List for First years 2015

All books are provided to first years on their first day of school.  In addition the students will be provided with a calculator as we require all students to have the same calculator.


Materials such as copies, biros, art materials etc. must be purchased separately.  Please note list below:


Art: The following are required: HB, 2B PENCILS, A4 Sketchpad, A3 Folder

Tech Graphics: A3 folder, Masking Tape 1”, 2H, HB PENCILS, Eraser, Compass, Protractor, Large 45 degree/ large 60 degree/ 30 degree  Set squares, T- Square for Homework.

Copies:  Most teachers require soft copies and A4 hardback copies so it is advisable to purchase a number of them before school begins and then purchase the balance as required.