Equipment List for First years

Class Materials that must be purchased


  • You will need to purchase a copy book for every subject.
  • We would advise parents to purchase different coloured large folders in which students can put the different books, copies etc for each subject. It helps students greatly with organisation.
  • Irish
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
    • Irish Dictionary
  • English
    • Plastic folder with clear sheets for handouts
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
  • Maths
    • Mathematical Set
    • 1 A4 Hardback Copy
  • Science
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
    • Folder with clear pockets
  • History
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
    • Plastic folder with clear sheets for handouts
  • Spanish
    • 1 A5/A4 Hardback copy
    • A small notebook for tests/corrections
  • French
    • 1 A5/A4 Hardback copy
  • Home Economics
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
  • Engineering (Metalwork)
    • A4 Hardback copy.
    • A4 Folder with clear pockets.
  • Business Studies
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
    • A4 Folder with clear pockets (optional)
  • Music
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
    • Music manuscript
    • Folder with clear plastic pockets for song sheets
  • Polish
    • Plastic folder with clear sheets for handouts
    • 1 A4 Hardback copy
  • Geography
    • 1A4 Hardback copy
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Colouring pencils
    • Folder with clear pockets
  • Graphics (Technical graphics) materials
    • A3 folder
    • Masking tape- 1”
    • 2H & HB pencils
    • eraser
    • compass
    • protractor
    • large 45 degree set square
    • Large 60 degree / 30 degree set square
    • T- square (For Homework)
    • Set of colouring pencils


  • Visual Art
    • Pencils – HB, 2B, 5B 
    • Sketchpads – 2 x A4 hardback,  both unlined paper 
    • Folder  – 1 x A3 to store Art in at home 
    • Mesh zip lock storage bag x 1 A4/B4 size  (to store art materials in) 
    • Paint brushes – soft round   No. 2, No. 4, No. 8 (small, medium, large sized) 
    • Watercolour colour pencils  set of 24  
    • Markers, Eraser, topper, 30cm ruler, black sharpie, glue stick, student paper scissors 
    • Set of 12 Watercolours or Acrylic paints  
    • 1 painters palette  

            Most of these are available in Aldi/Lidl during the summer. 

            Also Bandon Office Supplies, Mr. Price, Cork Art Supplies Cork, Art and Hobby Shop Ballincollig, Bits ‘n Bobs Wilton and Easons 

          • Supplied by school
            • Charcoal
            • Chalk Pastels
            • Oil pastels
            • Workbook

          Students to Replace Materials as needed.




          Sample Mesh Storage

          Sample Sketchpad

          Sample Brush Set

          Sample Watercolour paints

          Sample Painters Pallette 

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