The Department of Education conducted a Whole School Evaluation – Management, Leadership and Learning inspection in September 2018.   

Some of the comments on the report included:

  • The quality of school leadership and management is very good, with a highly effective senior leadership team.
  • There is a very effective board of management which has overseen the development of a comprehensive school plan.
  • The school offers a wide and varied curriculum.
  • Very good care structures are in place.
  • An exceptionally well-organised approach to supporting students with special educational needs is in place.
  • There are very effective structures to support and develop leadership capacity. The net effect of these structures is a sense of proactive management for students’ benefit, ensuring a calm, caring atmosphere is maintained across the school community. In addition, numerous examples of teachers’ dedication are evident, not least through the wide range of extracurricular activities available to students.
  • The quality of learning and teaching is very good, with consistent evidence of students’ enjoyment of and engagement with their learning. A particular feature of almost all lessons was high expectations of students on the part of teachers and that students rose to these expectations in all lessons observed.
  • The school’s self-evaluation process is very good and there is very good capacity for improvement throughout the school.

For the full details of the inspection report click on the link below:

WSE MLL Report 2018


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