Home Based Summer Programme

St. Brogan’s College is not in a position to offer a School Based Summer Programme for students with complex needs.  This programme used to be know as ‘July Provision’.  Parents are however able to avail of 10 hours per week for up to 4 weeks of a home based programme.

In order to avail of this please read the Overview Terms and Conditions document on this page carefully.  Then parents need to fill in the Application form for each child they wish to access the support for.  This form is also available on this page and once filled it needs to be sent into the school.  If you need us to post out a printed copy please email admin@sbc.ie with your home address and we will post it out.  We will assess whether your child is eligible under the criteria set down by the Department and if they are we enter the details on the form into an online portal.  Both the school and the parent will then get a sanction email.  We will print out the grant form attached on the email and send it to you.

Parents must then source a teacher or an SNA to do the programme with your child.  We will ask all SNAs and teachers in the school if they are interested in doing the support and will gather a list of their names and email addresses.   If you wish us to send out the list please let us know and we will email it out to you.  The parent must then make contact with the Teachers or SNAs.  If none of these people are available the Overview Terms and Conditions document gives further guidelines on sourcing a teacher or an SNA.

It is the responsibility of the parent and the teacher/SNA to then make their own arrangements and to fill in all forms relating to payment, vetting etc.


The Sanctioning Portal is only open until the 9th June so please make sure to have any applications into the school by then.

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