Issues for DCMUN 2023

General Assembly:

  1. The question of all forms of euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  2. The question of the development of atomic energy and nuclear power for electricity production.
  3. The question of the integration of transgender people in sports and in society.
  4. The question of promoting youths’ access to health, finance and employment.
  5. The question of public order, violent protests and regulating police intervention     


Special Conference:

  1. The question of reforming the educational systems on a global scale.
  2. The question of human cloning, genetic manipulation and designer babies.
  3. The question of the abortion laws and their impact on the rights of all people.
  4. The question of wealth inequality and ending poverty in African nations.
  5. The question of the gun debate and widespread access to weapons.


Security Council:

  1. The question of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.
  2. The question of drug trafficking and the threat of drug cartels to international security and stability.

     3 .The question of the NATO expansion

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