DCMUN 2022

Agenda Issues

General Assembly

  1. The question of the development of a common strategy to tackle novel viruses and global pandemics;
  2. The question of the challenges to food production and its impacts on hunger, migration and displacement;
  3. The question of wild animals in captivity, wildlife trafficking and illegal trophy hunting;
  4. The question of eliminating all forms of domestic violence and sexual harassment;
  5. The question of the regulation of political advertisements, propaganda and disinformation on social media.


Special Conference

  1. The question of antibiotic administration and strategies to mitigate the spread of superbugs;
  2. The question of the mass production of electronic devices and its impact on the environment and natural resources;
  3. The question of the rights and integration of indigenous peoples and native communities;
  4. The question of the sustainable development goal #12 and the rights of animals in food production and consumption;
  5. The question of the criminalisation of LGBTQIA+ hate speech and all forms of homophobia.


Security Council

  1. To be announced
  2. To be announced
  3. To be announced