The Agenda Issues for DCMUN 2020 are as follows:

General Assembly

1.     The question of the Israeli-Arab conflict;

2.     The question of alternative sources of energy to cope with the increasing electricity demands;

3.     The question of the legal status of class B drugs for recreational and medical purposes;

4.     The question of trade wars and the increased import tariffs on commercial goods;

5.     The question of the regulation of organ donation.

Special Conference

1.     The question of the death penalty and alternatives to capital punishment;

2.     The question of ageing populations and necessary adaptations to elderly societies;

3.     The question of decolonisation and the self-determination of nations;

4.     The question of Islamophobia and the ways to promote the meeting of civilisations;

5.     The question of ante-natal genetic modification and fertility manipulation.

Security Council

1.     To be announced

2.     To be announced

3.     To be announced