Transition Year

Transition Year:

A Message from the Coordinator


Transition Year is a most important year in the school life of a pupil.  The benefits to pupils who   participate fully and enthusiastically are enormous.  The gain in confidence, maturity and independence, can be seen clearly by teachers over the course of a year .  It is a year when students are able to take time out from the normal pressure of exams and are given the opportunities to develop their personalities, and their talents, and many new skills.  It is also a year where students can take stock of themselves, look   outside of the school at the wider community and the world of work, and begin to plan and see where their future lies.


Full and active participation in Transition year also leads to better performance in the Leaving Cert. Teachers readily acknowledge that there is no comparison between the performance of the 5th year and Leaving Certificate of those who have actively participated in Transition Year and those who have not.


For these reasons  parents should actively encourage their children to participate fully and positively throughout the whole of Transition Year.  The very many benefits can only be gained by full time attendance and a positive attitude to all the work on hand.


Parents therefore have a vital role in ensuring that their son/daughter gains the maximum benefit from a year that will reap rewards for them well into their future lives.


Carmel McSweeney



Special Features of Transition Year

  • Wide Variety of modules
  • Educational Outings
  • Work Experience (Two weeks)
  • Emphasis on Personal Development
  • Oral Communication, Debating
  • External certification for many modules
  • Magazine Production
  • Skills Acquisition
  • Computers
  • Art
  • First Aid
  • Horticulture
The 2010/11 Transition Year Students in their class groupings.








Course Organisation







The programme is based on ten week  modules. Classes rotate between these three times a year. The special modules offered may vary from year to year. There is a module on all the subjects offered at Leaving Certificate level within the school which include; Accounting, Agricultural  Science, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Geography, Home Economics Soc. & Scientific, History, Physics, Technical Drawing. This gives each Transition Year pupil an opportunity to sample each Leaving Cert. Subject. This is designed to help pupils choose their Leaving Certificate subjects at the end of Transition Year.

Pupils are expected to complete a diary of their activites. Samples of students work are retained by them in portfolios, one portfolio to be completed for each of the ten week blocks.  Pupils are assessed on their portfolio and diary.

Students undertake two weeks work experience and complete a written report on their experience.  Students may be visited in their workplace by teachers from the school. Pupils are encouraged to participate in as wide a range of activities as possible.

Activities include:

G.A.A.  Skills


First Aid  Course




Fundraising-Charity Activities


Trips to Outdoor Adventure Centres




Magazine Production,


Visiting performances, e.g. Chemistry, Magic Show


Horticultural visits


Trips to Career Exhibitions.


Many of these activites are optional but we would prefer all students to participate.

Download Transition Year Modules

Transition_Year_Modules Download more details on all our transition year modules

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Brogan’s Best Magazine

The annual school magazine was first produced in 1993 by our Transition year students under the expert guidance of teacher,  Ms. Anne O Donovan. Below are the original covers of each magazine ( designed with the help and guidance of the Art department) and also the centre pages are available to view. These are currently being added so please check back again to see the full listing.

 1993  1994  1995  1996
 1997  1998  1999 2000
 2001  2002  2003 2004
2005  2006  2007 2008
 2009 2010



Brogan’s Best 1993


Brogan’s Best 1994


Brogan’s Best 1995


Brogan’s Best 1996


Brogan’s Best 1997


Brogan’s Best 1998


Brogan’s Best 1999


Brogan’s Best 2000


Brogan’s Best 2001

Christmas Cake Competition

christmas-cake-competition1 christmas-cake-competition2
Pictured at the Riverview shopping centre Christmas night with special guest chef Kevin Dundon who was on hand to judge the Cauldfields Supervalu schools Christmas cake competition was Andrew Fallon, Mgr Supervalu Kevin Dundon, Judge Marie McCarthy, Transition year St Brogans College, winner and her teacher Carmel McSweeney. Picture Denis Boyle

Drama at St Brogan’s

drama-at-st-brogansSt Brogan’s budding actors recently strutted their stuff at the Briery Gap Theatre in Macroom at the preliminary rounds of the All Ireland Transition year Drama Festival. Actors James Joyce, Cillian Lyne, Stephen Casey and Shauna Corcoran performed the first scene of ‘The Lonesome West’ by Martin McDonagh. We are delighted to announce that they got through to the finals.